How to Create an Animated Lyrical Video for Children’s Songs with AI

How to Create an Animated Lyrical Video for Children’s Songs with AI

by admin | 23 Jan 2023 |

Children are a growing section of content consumers today, especially in the post-Covid time period. Be it for education or entertainment, parents and children themselves are looking to platforms like YouTube, social media, OTT, etc for good quality content that can help them learn and grow.

In fact, a survey showed that over 69% of parents said there is an increased consumption of animated content among kids. Research has also shown that watching animation helps kids with recognizing shapes and colors and identifying languages and much more.

On the other hand, music has also been a great tool to engage children. It has been used for decades to improve cognitive ability in children and teach rhythm and movement. Now, naturally, the combination of animation and music could be a great multi-sensory experience for kids.

Creating animations, however, is not conventionally easy and needs a lot of technical expertise as well as monetary investment. That is exactly why Steve was built. It is the perfect AI animation video making assistant for content creators who want to turn their creativity into high-quality videos without breaking the bank and in just 5 simple steps!

As a perfect way to put music and animation together, let us see how to make an animated lyrical video for kids using Steve. A lyrical video is simply one where the lyrics to the song are displayed in sync with the music.

Best tips for creating animated lyrical video for children‘s songs

Use these tips for creating an engaging animated lyrical video for a children’s song:

1. Pick a perfect song:

Select a song that’s fun, has a positive message, and resonates with the target age group. Think simple, repetitive lyrics that are easy to learn and sing along to.

2. Craft a captivating storyboard:

Sketch out a scene-by-scene plan that complements the lyrics. Each scene should visually represent the words and contribute to an overall story or theme.

3. Design with delight:

Use vibrant colors, clear lines, and child-friendly character designs. Ensure the visuals are engaging and support the song’s mood.

4. Make it Move with Magic:

Animate the visuals in perfect harmony with the music. Lively animations that bounce, wiggle, and pop will keep young viewers mesmerized.

5. Text that Twinkles:

Utilize large, clear fonts that are easy for children to read. Incorporate text animations like bouncing or fading to add dynamism.

Bonus Tip: Keep it Short and Sweet!

Aim for a video length between 1-2 minutes to hold a child’s attention without dragging.

By following these tips, you can create an animated lyrical video for a children’s song that’s both visually captivating and educationally stimulating, leaving a lasting impression on young viewers.

Let us go through the simple steps so you can use Steve and create spectacular lyrical videos for kids too!

Steps to create animated lyrical video with Steve AI

Step 1

Login to Steve.AI with your e-mail id. 

On your dashboard, find the Animation tab and click Start on the Script to Animation video section.


Now, you get to the script section where you can enter the lyrics for the music/rhymes for kids. Select the music option in the bottom part of the screen to add that element to the video. You can upload your own track in the next step as we will see.

Lyrical Video Maker

Next, select the other options on the script page to add detailing to your video. This includes auto-highlighting text on each scene and most importantly a keyword relevant to the video that will help the AI choose the perfect visuals for your video.

Step 3

Once you click Next, you can select the video template you like and go to your Workspace.

Here, you can see the video that the AI has generated for you in minutes! You can review the scenes and also customize with a range of options. 

Create Lyric Video

You can upload your music track by clicking on the audio section and going to the upload section.

Animated Lyric Video

By clicking on the character, you can choose to change the animated characters from hundreds of inclusive human (both adult and children) and animal characters.

Animated Lyrical Video

You can select the action and expression of the character.

You can also edit the background, the color theme, the scene transitions, etc. You can also edit the text on the scene by clicking on it. You can add or delete scenes and choose from different color themes as well.

Step 4

Once any changes that you want are done, you can click on Publish.

Your final video is now ready for a full preview! Click on the video quality as per the output you want, Steve can create upto 4k quality videos! 

Click Download to get the video and share it on your platforms.

You can create great quality content this way for various types of animated videos with Steve by your side. So, have you started exploring and creating amazing videos yet?

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