Explainer Video Ads – What are they, and how to make them

Explainer Video Ads – What are they, and how to make them

by admin | 29 Nov 2022 |

Explainer videos are videos that take the audience on a detailed course of how a product or technology or concept works. They are very popular, especially on YouTube, and help brands and content creators provide a lot of valuable education to their specific audiences on just the things that they are looking to learn about.

For example, take a SaaS company that wants to create content on how their new product can be useful to users. An explainer video that actually shows the product in working would be a manual for the audience as well as help in highlighting the main features and advantages of the product. Explainer videos are easy to follow, have bite-sized explanations, and over 95% of people have said that it is the video format that they view to more about products.

Given the appeal of explainer videos, what would leverage this power and take this content to a wonder audience?  Creating explainer video ads! These are simply well-made explainer videos that are converted into ads on specific channels such as YouTube and social media.

So, how does one make great explainer videos that work as ads too? Here are some insights:

  • While making a walkthrough video, make it a point to stop and highlight major features
  • Divide the content into smaller pieces to delve deeper into each part of the product
  • Use unique visuals, such as animated content, to distinguish your content from the clutter
  • Use AI tools to bring down the cost and time of creating these videos while also maintaining great quality output and visuals

While the first few points help you plan your content, the last point is where Steve is the perfect tool for you. Convert text content into highly captivating videos in a matter of minutes with the AI taking care of the full video production for you!

How do you create explainer video ads with Steve in a few clicks? Here are the simple steps:

Step 1

Login to Steve with your e-mail id. Select the live/animation tab on your dashboard and click on the Script to Video button.

Let us create an animated video for this example.

Step 2

You will come to the script page where you can either enter your own script or select from a pre-generated list of popular script templates that include multiple explainer video templates.

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We have selected an existing template. 

You can now edit the text to suit your content. You can also select the source for the visuals, add music and voiceover if required, and most importantly enter a keyword for the AI to understand the context of the video.

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Click Next and choose a template for the video.

Step 3

On your workspace, you can review the scenes and make any edits as needed.

You can swap characters, expressions or actions. And, you can also add or delete scenes, edit the text layout on the scene, increase/decrease scene length and much more on the edit options that are provided.

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Step 4

Preview the final video, hit Publish and your video is ready!

Download the video in various qualities of exports and share it on your preferred channels!

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It is that easy! Try it out right away and create impactful explainer ads for your channels!

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